If you  want to earn money from Facebook then read this blog carefully  because in this blog I am going to tell you about how you can make money by Facebook step by step a to z.

In this I am going to tell you  how you can show your earnings , how you can monetize your page  how you can connect with Facebook if you are new user of it.

How to earn money from Facebook Facebook login.

So first of all if you are in doubt and you are thinking can you earn money from Facebook in 2020  so my answer is yes you can make money by Facebook now there are many users are making money by Facebook and they have huge followers on Facebook.

if you have 10,000(10 thousent) follower then you can earn a lot of money by Facebook you can make $250 to $20,000 dollar per month.when we convert it in Indian currency it is around 18,000 rs to 1,50,000 Indian rupees.

Follow this following steps given below  if you want to earn money from Facebook.

1.Make your own Facebook fan page or business page.

2.post your contents on page.

3.monetize your channel.


How to create a Facebook page.

1.Go to your internet browser and Type www.facebook.com

how to create a facebook page

2.go to create and right click on it.

How to earn money from Facebook Facebook login.

3. We show there many options given below.

facebook login

4.Double click on page and after that follow the steps those given by Facebook. Like select which type of  page you want to make , Select  page name ,fill email ,customize your own page.


How to post content on Facebook.

   After the customization your page looks like given below.

faceboo login

  1. Right click on post pic given below.

    facebook log in


        2.copy your blog or content link and past link on write post.After the past link it can fetch   data automatically and you can show like given below.

How to earn money from Facebook Facebook login.

  3.after that pasting link click on post or your content are posted.


 How to monetize Facebook page.


 There  are some critariya of Facebook for Enable monetization.

       1.10,000. Followers – if you have 10,000 thousand followers then you can monetize your   page.

      2.Also you need 30,000 views on page for monetization.

      3.You can upload minimum 3 minutes video on it.

     In Conclusion

       I hope this blog post How to earn money from Facebook is help full for you if you want this kinds of ideas then follow the blog   by email and press the bell icon for latest update.


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