First of all What is a blog?

A blog is an online informational website it is displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing also follow a lifo rule (last in first out)  It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject or topics.

What is the purpose of a blog?

There are many reasons to start a blog  like for a business blogging, blogging for projects, blogging for hobbies some people blogging for his hobbies or some people blogging for earn money. some normal bloggers earn 1 lakh to 5 lakh per month.

if you want to become a blogger or earn money then follow the some steps given below after following this steps also you can earn much amount by blogging so let's start.  

How to Start a blog

Here there are 7 simple steps that will help you to start your blog.

  1. Choose a Blogging Platform
  2. How to Select a Domain Name
  3. Select Host for Your Blog
  4. Setup Your Blog
  5. Design Your Blog
  6. how to write an article
  7. Start Making Money with Your Blog
1.Choosing a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms in market like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Wix, Joomla, Drupal etc. But is the best blogging platform from the last few years because of many good reasons.

90% of the blogs in the world including my blog MoneyTipslife uses WordPress. it is a paid platform But nothing to worry if you are a beginner in the blogging then you can start with blogger platform it is also a good platform given by google.

Let's check the reasons why word press is best platform:

  1. It's Free platform.
  2. Creating a blog using WordPress is very easy.
  3. You can design almost any type of website with the help of 5000+ free and paid WordPress themes.
  4. It offers 50,000+ free plugins that make your website very fast & efficient.

Here I am talking about not free blogging platform is a software and its free. You need to buy a domain and hosting for using this platform.

2.How to Select a Domain Name

Choose your domain name wisely. is the name of my domain and anyone can understand this blog is something about Money. 

and the Another important thing about these domains is that they are easy to pronounce and remember.

So you can choose a domain name in such a way that people can understand the topic of your blog by the name of domain.

If you want to start a business blog, then the name must be related to business, if a travel blog then something related to travel, if its related to modeling then some model-related name.

Like email address, it's challenging to get a domain name of your choice, so you need to prepare a list and then check the availability.

From the available domains, you can find the best.

You can find many domain extensions other than ‘.com’. Most of the other common domain extensions are .org, .net,,, .info etc. You can check all at the time of domain booking.

3.Select Host for Your Blog

As I told you, is  a software. You can’t create your blog using just software. You need a web hosting space where you can save the data.

Just like you need space in your mobile and PC to store and see your files, images, and videos, documents you need web hosting to store the content of your blog and images.

You need to buy a web hosting in order to use your own domain name and to make it accessible to the world.

One of most reliable hosting I found is from Bluehost.

Even and other top bloggers recommend

but there are many web hosting websites you can perches according to your self you can check here more then 500 companies.

4. Setup Your Blog

Just visit and you will find screen something like this.

You may find something different but it will be similar so it won’t be difficult for you to understand where to begin. Click on “Get Started Now” button. You then visit the hosting plan page.

1. Choose Your hosting plan

There are 3 types of plans are available. If you are planning to start only 1 blog, then ‘basic plan’ is best for you but if you want to create more blogs in future, then you can choose ‘Prime plan’ because you can use multiple blogs in the same hosting. You even get Domain Privacy for free.

hosting price

Click on Select for choose your plan.

2. Type Your Domain Name

Next it show you to type your domain name. I have already discussed above how to choose the domain name for your blog. If you have something in mind then enter it in ‘new domain’ and check for availability.

For example, I want to create a business blog for my Digital Marketing Course. After so many trial, I finalise my domain name ‘’. but choose small domain name and easy domain name.

choose domain

You can try different names for your domain and if your finalize a domain then click on “Next”.

If you have an existing domain with another domain registrar, then you can use that with Bluehost hosting. You can type that domain name in the “I have a domain name” field and Click ‘Next’. Then update the name server of your domain with the one provided by Bluehost.

There are many domain extensions other than .com. It’s not necessary to use ‘.com’ domain extension only. You can try other extensions like .net, .org, .info and others as shown in the image above.

If you want to choose your domain name later, then click on “Choose Later” link and then choose your domain later from your Bluehost account dashboard.

3. Complete Signup Process

Next step in starting a blog is completing your registration. You need to put your information and other formalities.

You can signup with your Google account or enter your information as shown in the image below.

create blog account

4. Choose your plan

Next, choose your plan. I recommend you to buy for 36 months because you get the lowest rate of $2.95 per month if you choose for 36 months.

If you buy for 12 months, then the price is $4.95 per month.

blog package price

You will get ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’ free for all plans. SSL will make your site from ‘http’ to ‘https’. When people visit your site, their browser tells them that this is a secured website. This builds trust among your readers.

You can buy ‘Domain Privacy Protection’ which help you to protect you from Spammers. If you don’t want that, untick that as well.

5. Place order to start your blog

scroll down and enter your credit card details. 

payment info

Then tick the checkbox of ‘Terms of Service’ button and click on ‘Submit’ button to complete the order.

You then visit the next page where Bluehost welcome you for purchasing the hosting the first step start your blog.

hosting order

6. Create your password

Now click on create tour password button to create your password.

create password

Create a strong password at least 8 character password Bluehost also suggest you if your password is weak.

Click on ‘Next’ button.

On the next page, they will be asked to choose a theme for your blog.

choose blog theme

If you like any theme for your blog then you can choose now, otherwise, click on ‘Skip’ button at the bottom to choose your theme later.

after that you are interface the page like given below.

start building blog

after that interface you can click on start build  

Now you can start creating your blog.

Here you can go directly to your WordPress blog dashboard by clicking on ‘Start Building’ or go to your Bluehost account by clicking ‘go to my Bluehost account’.

Your Bluehost account dashboard look like this-

bluehost dashboard

You can login to your WordPress account of your blog directly from this page.

5. Design Your Blog

You need to do some of the most important things after creating your blog.

1. Complete WHOIS verification

If you chose a new domain in step 2 ‘Type Your Domain Name’ above, then you will receive a WHOIS Verification email. Open your email and click on “Verify Your Email” link to activate your domain.

Then log in to WordPress account by clicking on “Log in to WordPress” from your Bluehost account.

After login you will find WordPress dashboard like this. It ask you Business or Personal site. Just click on ‘I don’t help link’ as shown in the image.

Refer this image to do other things related to your blog setup.

wordpress blog dashboard

This is the first thing to do after starting a blog. When Bluehost installs WordPress on your hosting, it provides you with the default username ‘admin’ which is not good. Spammers and hackers can attack your blog with spam and malware.

You need to change this with strong username and password.

There is no provision to change the username in WordPress. You need to create a new user and delete the default user ‘admin’.

Click on ‘Users’ as shown in the image and then ‘Add New’.

  • Enter the details of the new user. Username, Email, First & Last Name.
  • Click on ‘Show password’ to see the password of your WordPress blog. If you want, you can change.
  • Choose Role as ‘Administrator’.

Find here the details of your WordPress blog account.

go to our word press admin panel

Username & Password will be as given in the above steps.

Now logout of your WordPress account and login again with new username & password using the above login URL link.

Again go to ‘Users->All Users’.

Select ‘admin’ user and delete this or change the role to ‘Subscriber’.

3. Install a theme after starting your blog

You need to install  your theme when you start a blog. There are many free & paid themes provided by thousands of developers. A theme will change the overall design, style, and layout of your blog.

You can click on ‘Appearance –> Themes –> Themes’ to find free themes provided by WordPress.

Do some experiments with the free themes and check which one you like the most. Chose a responsive theme so that it will be compatible with the smartphone also you can choose seo friendly therms.

There are hundreds of paid themes outside WordPress provided by different companies. Premium themes have more features and easy to customize you can customize those them by your self. it is easy to customize.

4. Install important plugins

WordPress plugins are like apps that allow you to add new features to your WordPress blog. You must install some essential plugins for creating your blog website.

Click on ‘’Plugins –> Add New’ and search for these plugins to install and activate.

1. Yoast SEO: it is One of the best plugin for on-page SEO and other things like creating a sitemap.

2. JetPack Plugin: Already installed by Bluehost. You click on JetPack plugin and then click on Setup button to setup this plugin. It's is a multipurpose plugin where you can add things like contact form, share buttons, site stats and many other things.

3. Akismet Anti-Spam: This plugin will protect you from comment spammers. This plugin is already installed by Bluehost. You need to activate the plugin and go to the settings and then click “Get Your API Key” to get your free API Key for free to use this plugin.

4. WP Smush: Images are the great way to enhance the quality of your posts, but images take lots of storage space and at the same time slow down your blog. This plugin optimizes and compresses your image without reducing the quality of your images. It results in less storage and faster speed.

There are other plugins that you can add like ‘Contact Form 7’, Google Analytics, Add to Any Share Button, WordFrence Security etc.

5. Change the permalink

Permalink is a great way to create a clean & SEO friendly URL. Just click on Settings -> Permalink to change your settings. Just select the ‘Custom Structure’ and enter /%postname%/ in the text box and click the “Save Changes”.

6. Add your first post

It’s time to add your first blog post. You must write at least 1400 word blog post on your favorite topic based on your blog. Images make your content more attractive so add quality images in your can also use pexels website to downloade  quality of images also there are many websites to downloade copy right free image.

Click on ‘Posts –> Add New’ to add your first post.

Add your title and content with images and click on “Publish” button to publish the post.

Congratulation! You have published your first post after starting your blog.

6.How to write an article seo friendly 

if you want to rank your website #1 then seo is most important for you and your blog seo non as search engine optimization there are three types of seo.

  1. On-page seo
  2. Off-page seo
  3. technical seo

1. on-page seo
in this on page seo it contain  formatting of your blog post or many more thinks follow some steps given below for on page seo it is a back bon of your website.

on page seo

if you follow those steps after that your website rank  no 1 on goole  

2. Off-page seo
basically in off page seo also non as back link it means referral link in this some websites give you link for your website when any viewer click on this link then he automatically jumped on your website.

3.technical seo  

in this technical seo we include your codings if there are any fault of your coding then your website cannot rank on google so check technical seo of your website there are many tool for checking it.

 7. Start Making Money with Your Blog

Different people have different purpose of starting a blog. Someone may use this as a hobby. Someone may use this as a business blog. someone wants to become a professional blogger like me. some one want to make money by blog.

However, making money with a blog is one of the most common goals to start a blog.

there are many way to make money by blog like 

from ClixSense it is also a best platform for affiliate marketing to make money

Neobux also it is a best platform for make money by affiliate marketing

and the most and best way is google ad sense 90 % of you blog income is generated by google ad sens.

Here are the steps if you want to make money after creating your blog.

1. Write on Regular Basis

You must write on a regular basis after starting your blog. Your posts should have excellent research and original ideas where people can get something new. People like and share such content.

More quality content you like, more the traffic you can get.

2. Promote your blog

This is the most important step to get the traffic on your blog. Making money without traffic is difficult. It takes time to get traffic on your blog.

There are many things you can do to get traffic on your blog.

  1. Learn SEO and implement on-page & off-page SEO techniques on your blog. This way you can get good traffic from Google.
  2. Share your content on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  3. Write comments and guest posts on other blogs.
  4. Create videos and upload on YouTube and other video sharing sites

3. Monetize your blog

This is the ultimate aim of every blogger after starting a blog. There many ways to make money from a blog but I won’t recommend many.

I will keep it simple and suggest you just 2 ways as a beginner.

You can make money with Google AdSense and Amazon.

I hope this guide is useful and it helped you to start your first blog. If you have any query, then you can ask through the comment or contact us page, and I will help you to start your blog and make it successful.

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