Feeling helpless because you're not able to go out and make some money. I know like everyone of us even I am stuck in the lock turn out so if you are like working at a job when you like working from home.

 it's fine but if you are like depending on like daily wages and all that you might be feeling hard to like make money right now because you're not able to go out so I can understand you guys so I'm going to be showing you like seven ways of how you can make money work from home during lock down.

Daily online jobs work from home during lock down


Daily online jobs work from home during lock down

 So first way to make money online work from home  is by doing tutoring okay so  studypool is a tutoring platform.this is a legit platform.   
online jobs

so these are like the top honest look at how much they're making with this platform so this is like really good like that is why I wanted to show it to you this is the first way of how you can make money there are things that show is all legit based.if you want to join this than go through this link https://www.studypool.com/ and sing Up and start earning here you can earn 20$ per job.


online jobs

so the second platform is make money online text broker so this is like especially for Indians the people know I like India and all that and also like people who are in US UK and all that you can even apply to this platform. expressly for us United Kingdom and all that so these are some of the breakdowns of like how much you can earn you can just go through all of these right so you can just go through this minutely see like how much you can make like are you a good writer if you are then you can apply to this platform one point four cents per word 3.5 cents per word 2.5 cents per word.

online jobs

so these are all like different categories so if you're going from open order you can begin this much like direct order means you can get this much because like once you get more experience then you get direct orders so if you get like team orders then you make two to five cents per word text broker calm so this is the second way of how you can make money online work from home during lock down.

online jobs

if you want to join this work from home then you can go through this link https://www.textbroker.com/create-free-account and Create your account free and start earning.

3.freelancing / fiverr.

work from home

so this is the third way of how you can make money online work from home during lock down is by doing freelancing so you can do her like logo design you can do article writing there are a lots of categories in this platform you can work with anything as you can see so look at this.

work from home

there are different categories with writing there are different categories so you can just get into anything or like if there's or any new category that's been added on Fiverr you can just get started with that because that's brand new.

work from home

when you get started when you just create gig here and when you get started with this it's more likely that you're going to get a job fast.
if you want to join this and work from home then go through this link https://www.fiverr.com/ and click on join button and join this free.

4 YouTube.

Daily online jobs work from home during lock down

this is the fourh way consider to be the best way to make money online from home during querentine or lock dow  by doing YouTube. in youtube there's a lots of possibilities so that is why I consider to be the best way to make money from home because I know like a lots of you guys are like shy on camera so like you can just put up YouTube videos without showing your face even you know you don't have to like even show your face.

there are different categories that you can get into different niches that you can get into where do you don't have to like show your face so there are many niche  like make money online niche, cooking it is the best niche now because now we are at home now so you can shoot the video by your mobile and upload it in your youtube channel.

5.user testing.

daily work

This is the fifth way to make money online or work from home is user testing website this website is really best to other websites because it pay much better than other website here you can simply sing Up in this website and start to solve the some test  all the test are so easy so you can easily solve these test if you solve one test then you get five dollar. all the process are given below.

online job

if you want to make money online  join this website then go through this link https://www.usertesting.com/ and create your account and start earning.

6.legendary marketing or affiliate marketing.

daily work

legendary marketing it is a very powerful method to make money online you can see you can make a lot of money with this website I would recommend you check out if you're interested in getting involved in affiliate marketing this is called legendary marketer.

 you can earn tens thousand dollars a month from affiliate marketing now I'm not guaranteeing those results depends on your skill level how much effort and time you put into it but you know I just show you the proof  I am making a lot of money from this and you could as well if you put in the time and the effort.

if you want to join then go through this link https://legendarymarketer.com/ and create your profile.

7.swagbucks freelancing.

work from home

the seventh way is swagbucks website but there are plenty of others out there as well and these are GPT websites that means get paid to so what these websites will do is they will pay you to do very very simple tests like playing games watching videos answering surveys really really really easy things 

but you can make some decent money not a huge amount honestly this is probably the lowest paying method out of this whole blog but if you're a kid just earn a few extra dollars a day. go through this link https://www.swagbucks.com/ 
and start earning.

so these are the 7 ways to Daily online jobs work from home during lock down when you are in lock down guys I hope you like  this post I hope you got some value out of this if it did come and below saying that you did and also if you have any questions doubts or suggestions leave that in the comment section. 

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