so in this  blog post  I'm going  to be sharing with you six awesome business ideas  business ides work from home in this quarantine  that you can do during lock down or corentin and all you really need is just a smartphone a computer internet connection this business are also growing after cornettin or lock down  you're pretty much good to go. 

 business ideas work from home in quarantine farmers to go direct to consumers.

 business ideas work from home in quarantine first one I recommend you to do is in depending on where you live but if let's farmers around you or people that grow stuff and then the cell does produce the issues that's going on right now is because of logistics and shipping and courier a lot of problems is that a lot of these vegetables and produce they are not ending up in grocery stores.

work from home

                               so what you could actually do is that you can have to set up some sort of direct to consumer service where you can have them be a website and have them sell the produce online either through social media either through Google or just through a live video or it'll true you know just it should be fine like website eCommerce like website okay that would be a very easy thing that you, you can do and what you how you make money is that you can either charge them a fee to boot the website or you can actually do some sort of profit sharing which all works for you. restaurants to set up delivery.

what you can do is I get out restaurants that are not adapting to delivery yet to help them get it done I've recently learned of this term called clock kitchen where in certain cities where you know renters very expensive in New York City where there are some restaurant businesses where there purely depends on they don't really have a physical place but they have a clock kitchen where they make the food and then they're just sending up a delivery so it's time to turn a lot of the restaurants that we are that we are usually going to into clock kitchens where all they do is just make food and then they rely on delivery so the thing is people are you know gone be ordering delivery anyway.

work from home

                                       It's a matter of how your restaurant or your brand or your menu is going to stand out so you can help them with social media management you can help them with setting our website where our menu is there and they can order directing the delivery to reduce costs you know there are many. many methods out there so you need to figure out what they are not doing and then help them link their product to the consumer right so the consumer cannot go into the store.
 so how can you bring the product to consumer right you can advertise the menu you can advertise the food you can advertise promotion codes so on and so forth I know. but three is if you have any special business skills and these business skills related to lesser tax accounting human resource you can actually offer these services right now. business with taxes, financing etc.

 one of my friend is an expert at financing and credit and what they're doing right now is that they're helping businesses apply for credit from government's stimulus package so if this is something that you know how to do it's actually quite basic but a lot of business owners do not know how to do it so you can actually do this for them in exchange I think they charge like half a percent or 1 percent of the loan amount so another way is that. shop owners to list inventories online.


In this you can find owners like people that own a let's say a boutique store people that basically have a store and then they sell a lot of products inside them they have inventory and they're not selling now because the stores are not able to open.
 I'll give you an example like boutique dress gown store right so you can actually help them put a lot of those products online and help them sell the products online through Shopify through carousel or even through you know Facebook marketplace. school and education institutions to going online.


In this  you can use is to help schools and education institutions like tuition centers a piano class language centers but plan their classes online it's quite easy to do that all you need to do is to help them go on zoom' go on google classroom go on jus the learning app and be able to convert their classes online so sometimes a lot of them they do not know any of this I don't know how to set it up they'll pay your fee just for you to set it up.
       If you are a normal teacher then also you can join these platform and teach the students also you can earn much money from there business ideas work from home in quarantine .

Go through this link to join zoom or sing up
Go through this link to join google class room

6.sell digital courses online.

 business ideas work from home in quarantine

In this  you can create digital products digital course whatever passion that you have right now start converting them into video start converting them into e-books for poor words and you can start selling them online.

               if you're not familiar about how to do it just record some videos you can be use your own phone and mic and you can just go up put on udemy.
                                        So these are some of the strategies and ideas that you can actually use during this quarantine or lockdown time to actually you know do some you know business supplements of income and additional income  business ideas work from home in quarantine .

                 if you have any questions with any of these methods do leave me a comment below if you like more ideas if you like the ideas that I share here again leave me a comment give me a like give me some shares so I know that you guys like this and definitely press the bell icon and subscribe by email for get latest update of new blog. 

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